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Education is not the act of transferring knowledge, It is in the how is that knowledge being transferred?

Teaching methodologies

A teaching methodology is essentially how a teacher chooses to explain or teach the material to students so they can learn the material. A methodology of teaching can include the use of lecturing, group or small group discussion activities, and engaging students as teachers for their peers.
It is rightly said teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions. Undoubtedly, teaching is the art of imparting values and knowledge to the students. This art is, to a great extent, based on various Teaching Methods.
It is a well-known fact that students like to study only when that subject interests them. So, it becomes crucial that teachers should try to explain concepts in such a way that students understand them easily without getting bored.
In this workshop, we empower teachers to acquire various innovative teaching methodologies that will increase learning efficiency and capacity.

Financial literacy

Our Financial Literacy workshop covers all the financial dimensions that empower individuals to acquire the much-needed knowledge, skills, and tools to properly and effectively manage money and debt.

This workshop is given on two levels: Schools, Parents. 

Hybrid teaching methods mathematics

There are always some elements of a course that are more complex and can be best taught in a live setting while others are best absorbed with infographics and online videos.
So it would be great if all teachers of a particular subject could decide on the scheduled course. In addition, with blended learning, you have the added responsibility of having a smooth communication process. So always make sure your contact information is up to date and everyone is aware of the changes.
In this course, we explore, with teachers and educators, the different Innovative methods to teach mathematics.

Hybrid teaching methods Physics

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Enlightenment is not just one state

We are very honored to announce that our courses and workshops are given by the top academics and businessmen and women in the field, offering  several courses aimed at giving a new outlook to teaching, using several quality features that will increase the speed and capacity of learning.