Blockchain Course


Blockchain is more than a distributed ledger accounting system – It is a revolutionary technology

Harvesting Blockchain Technology

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize how companies and social enterprises do business. As a distributed ledger technology (DLT), Blockchain is highly efficient, cost-effective and organized. It can be used to handle all kinds of transactions, from financial transactions to supply chain management. Blockchain is secure and transparent, which makes it an ideal platform for businesses and organizations. Blockchain can also help to reduce fraudulent activities, as all transactions are recorded and cannot be altered or deleted. As a result, it is a powerful tool that can transform your project into a more efficient and organized venture.

Business & Civic Blockchain Applications

Blockchain is a digital ledger system that allows businesses to securely track and manage transactions. By using a decentralized network of computers, blockchain can help solve many problems for businesses, from supply chain management to accounting and social media. It provides a single universal system that ensures secure transactions, lower compliance expenses, and accelerated data transfer processing, while having  confidence in the security and accuracy of these transactions, by helping businesses streamline their operations, save time and money.

Personal Use & Safety

Blockchain technology is often associated with big institutions and corporations. However, blockchain is not only an institutional decentralized ledger it is also your ledger. Carpe Verum aims to increase awareness on how different blockchains can change our personal financial life through safe, responsible and profitable management. Blockchain provides a secure and transparent way to manage our finances, without the need for intermediaries. With our help  you can take control of your financial future and together build a more prosperous world for everyone.

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