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Community & Events

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What is ZuConnect?

Carpe Verum embarked on a transformative journey at ZuConnect — a two-week popup village in Istanbul with the luminaries of crypto, AI, governance, decentralized science, and culture coalesce. We joined the brightest minds to convene, co-work, foster collaborations, and have fun together.

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Our local and international events cover many areas including the Economy, Innovation, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership.

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Our Community

The 4th Sector – A Community Based Eco-System Empowering Peer to Peer, Open and Collaborative Practices, Purposed for the development of Public, Private and Social Sectors.

Past Collaborations

Success is best when it is shared

The 4th Sector

The 4th Sector Summit, Introduction.

Main co-creators: Javier Creus (SPA), Marie-Soleil L’Allier (FRA), Tiberius Brastaviceanu (CAN) & Mayssam Daaboul (LEB)

Sisters To Inspire 

Emotional Intelligence Workshop with Sisters to Inspire, to Develop high levels of Empathy, Perception and Listening to guide and monitor self feelings, thoughts and actions. 

Our Cherished Armed Forces – Lebanon

Workshops and Seminars, with the Lebanese Army and the Lebanese General Security on Leadership and Innovation. Enhancing Governmental Entities through an Open and Collaborative System.

WomenPreneurship – MENA

Carpe Verum is proud to be a guest speaker at the Womenpreneur Tour Event on the impact of mega crises in Lebanon on women.

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