Understand the different economic models and their intersections

4th sector: The P2P Decentralized Economy

As we entered the twenty-first century, signs began to appear that classical economic theories cannot adapt to the digital revolution. A revolution that changed the way we produce, access, and share data. We are in a new world.
In this node, we introduce a general history of the economic models and their evolution. We talk about the new “Social Production Theory” and its different applications in the market. We then move on to detail Commons-Based Peer Production (CBPP) as a new economic model.
This foundation allows us to properly understand the different decentralised innovations that are shaping the future: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).
Yet, the decentralised revolution has expanded beyond the digital world. Innovations in Waste Management, Open Value Networks, Open Food & Agriculture and others.
Our international partners act as the coaches that lead us into this new world

New Organizational models: OVN & DAO

Carpe Verum enables individuals and communities to build their own Decentralised & Autonomous Organisations (DAO).

Classical firms and companies are unable to govern and organise the new rise of data and the digital revolution. A new sense of governance is required and hence a new approach to innovation and start-ups as a whole.
We aid organizations in applying decentralized governance to empower individuals and local communities to build sustainable projects.

Enlightenment is not just one state

We are very honored to announce that our courses and workshops are given by the top academics and businessmen and women in the field, offering  several courses aimed at giving a new outlook to teaching, using several quality features that will increase the speed and capacity of learning.